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The imposed insurance for medical care will in some cases integrate mobile medical applications into the healthcare system.

Manufacturers / distributors of mobile medical applications can do a notification to integrate their mobile medical application into existing or new care processes if they offer a benefit or added value. More Info.

The intention is not to reimburse applications per se, but their use within the context of a specific care process. To embrace the use of such digital health technology and increase adoption, it is almost always necessary to innovate the financing of such a care process. This will therefore happen step by step and gradually more and more care processes and their financing will be adapted to today's needs and possibilities. This financing can be temporary or permanent.

Applications that have completed levels M1 and M2 of the pyramid, and also meet the criteria for mobile medical applications within a specific care process, can indicate this on the portal. Two options are possible:

  1. Autocertification M3 for a specific care process, if the mobile medical application meet the criteria for mobile medical applications that NIHDI has set within that care process
  2. When a list of applications that meet the criteria is foreseen within the framework of reimbursement, the manufacturer / distributor has to submit a request to be added to that list. Only after being added to that NIHDI list, the company can be assigned for that application as level M3 on the portal.

When the integration and reimbursement is temporary, it will be displayed as 'M3 light'. When the use of mobile medical applications has been definitely integrated in the financing of the care process, it is referred to as 'M3 plus'.

Below you will find a list of care processes that already qualify and within which applications can be reimbursed.

Care processes in which applications are temporarily reimbursed (M3 light):


  • Rehabilitation after knee or hip prosthesis. More info: NL, FR.
  • Telemonitoring of COVID-19 patients in their home. More info: NL, FR. (Not applicable anymore)

Care processes in which applications are definitively reimbursed (M3 plus):

  • None

You can read more details about this per care process by clicking on the corresponding link, including about the purpose, who is eligible and how the reimbursement is made.

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