Once again we can welcome a new app at the M2 level. This brings the total to 10 applications.


Again an app goes to the second level on the mHealthBelgium pyramid!


Mobile application number 30 just got approved on mHealthBelgium, another great milestone! Neuroventis is a medical device software where patients or their caregivers can access different tools to track, understand and self-manage their neurological disorder.


3 new apps received today the mHealthBelgium quality label:

- SyncVR Medical apps 'Fit' and 'Relax & Distract' are digitalt herapeutics products, based on Virtual Reality technology, that are only available through prescription

- CardiacSense system with app and watch (distributed in Belgium by Arseus Medical) for continuous and long-term monitoring of cardiac parameters.


Noona is the eighth app to go to the M2 level!


Since today there are 26 applications on mHealthBelgium, the Astma Compass application is the latest addition. Astma compass brings the total number of M1 applications to 19!


As of today there are 2 new applications on mHealthBelgium. It concerns Comarch HomeHealth & Nucleus Smart App. This brings the total to 25!


NIHDI launched today the long waited template for M3 hence completing the full implementation of the mHealthBelgium validation pyramid.


Maela, a digital solution for patient engagement and monitoring, starting today at the M2 level!


The King Baudouin Foundation recently published 8 guidelines for health tech innovation, such as mHealth, in order to support better healthcare outcomes.

Watch is short video. More info on their site.

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