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Total number of apps now at 25


As of today there are 2 new applications on mHealthBelgium. It concerns Comarch HomeHealth & Nucleus Smart App. This brings the total to 25!

Comarch HomeHealth

Comarch HomeHealth provides remote medical care to connect patients who needs monitoring with healthcare providers. It has a positive impact on healthcare facilities organization, therapies efficiency and patients’ quality of life because it allows to:
-avoid useless hospitalizations
-perform a personalized monitoring of patients in real-time
-improve diagnostic and patient’s adherence
-ease the access to medical data for patients and healthcare providers
-improve the sense of safety of patients

Nucleus Smart App

The Nucleus® Smart App is designed specifically for the Nucleus 7 and Kanso 2 Sound Processors to provide a convenient and easy way to tailor hearing to personal preferences, all from a compatible Apple or Android smartphone* or Apple Watch®^.
With the Nucleus Smart App, it is possible to:
• Start wireless streaming from Cochlear True Wireless™ accessories;
• Fine tune a patient’s hearing experience by adjusting master bass, volume and treble;
• Set up notifications to alert the patient if the coil is off;
• Access personalised hearing information with the Hearing Tracker;
• Quickly change programs or volume and check battery life without carrying a separate
Remote Control;
• Get help finding the sound processor if it is misplaced;
• Complete a Remote Check appointment, which is a convenient, at-home testing tool that allows patients to complete a series of tests that are similar to those typically conducted during routine, in-clinic appointment for individuals with a cochlear implant. Remote Check will only be visible in the recipient’s Nucleus Smart App menu if their clinician has assessed their suitability for remote support and have enrolled the individual into the Remote Check program. In addition, the clinician will determine which combination of Remote Check tests assigned to the patient. The Clinician is able to access and review the test results through a secure Portal and inform the patient of the outcome via the Nucleus Smart App.

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