BRUSSELS, 11/06/2020.- The second level of the validation pyramid for mobile application in healthcare has been rolled out. Applications on this level M2 meet a series of strong ICT and privacy criteria and can communicate with existing digital applications in the healthcare sector. Two app already got the M2 "stamp", for 3 other cases the process is ongoing.


The position paper by beMedTech Digital Health section shows how this sector took the lead to help mitigate the work overload caused by COVID-19 for health workers and institutions. The paper explains how mhealth solutions - supported with plenty of examples- can be used for telemonitoring, telediagnostics and digitaltherapeutics, as well as online education to the benefit of the patient. Not only during the ongoing pandemic but also afterwards.


Today, June 5 2020, mHealthBelgium launched a press release announcing the activation of level 2 to the broad public and expressing the need for a financing framework (level 3).


Guardian Connect App becomes app number 16 receiving the mHealthBelgium quality seal.


From today apps can move from level 1 to level 2 of the pyramid !


Brizzy becomes app number 15 receiving the mHealthBelgium quality seal.


Given the Covid-19 crisis, more and more mHealth apps and platforms pop up. New apps are developed or existing apps are adapted by specific functionalities. Platforms for care delivery from a distance are built. Al those developments will be tracked and where appropriate or needed advised by the Task Force ‘Data & Technology against Corona’, which gathers virtually every evening.


epihunter becomes app number 14 receiving the mHEalthBelgium quality seal.


Partenamut & Partena Ziekenfondsen are the first healthcare insurers that recognizes officially mHealthBelgium and refunds all apps on the portal


Test Aankoop analysed recently 14 nutrition and healthcare apps carefully to explore how much they respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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