The milestone of 20 apps is approaching!


In the past few days, 2 more applications have been added to the list of mHealthBelgium. This now brings the total to 19 apps.

Earlier last week, it was the turn of Healthentia from Innovations Sprint. This application is an eClinical platform that allows the recording of Real World Data. Healthentia can be used by individuals as well as sponsors of clinical trials. Individuals can report, monitor, monitor their results (eg symptoms) and activity and receive automatically generated questionnaires for their well-being. Aggregated data provided after users' consent may be processed for non-profit research purposes. Clinical trial sponsors can use Healthentia to collect ePROM / ePREMs under the appropriate regulatory framework (eg Good Clinical Practice) to conduct research protocols, often using a PaaS sample of the platform. Individuals may receive an invitation to participate in research, subject to their consent.

Number 19 in the list is Sunrise. This app is a certified medical diagnostic tool to analyze your sleep in a quick, easy and comfortable way. The single-use sensor can be delivered directly to your home. In seconds you can connect it to your smartphone. After the test, it is possible to request an online consultation with a sleep expert. The technology has been clinically validated for adults and children.

Number 20 is getting closer but who will it be? Exciting!

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