Already 22 medical applications validated on MHealthBelgium


In the meantime, MHealthBelgium already offers 22 validated applications that help improve patient care in various ways. Five of these 22 solutions have already received the M2 quality label. This means that they meet all the required ICT criteria for secure communication, connectivity and interoperability with "classic" e-health solutions in our country. This makes it much easier for healthcare providers to integrate the use of an M2 application into their daily healthcare practice. It goes without saying that M2 level solutions also meet all M1 level criteria. For example, they have a CE mark and declare to be in compliance with the European general data protection regulation.

For validation, a "pyramid" of three levels is used:

The higher an application wants to be in the pyramid, the more conditions it must meet. M1 and M2 levels are now active. The Inami is in the process of finalizing the third and final level, M3. For requests at this level, a tailor-made funding model is being prepared. The intention is to include the use of apps with M3 label in the financing of a complete care package, like the care conventions.

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