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Please sign up if you wish you publish you app on the platform. Before signing up make sure your app fulfills all requirements.

Publishing your app on mHealthBelgium will cost 1.000€ (excl. VAT) per year. Members of Agoria and / or beMedTech get a 25% discount on this annual fee.

The companies will receive a login and password to submit their application to publish information regarding their mobile app and to update this information when required. The information informs patients and carers about the functionality of the mobile application and how the app is designed to improve the health of the patient when compared to the standard of care. Do not hesitate to visit the FAQ to get more information on the process, procedures and advantages of mHealthBelgium.

What you get by registering your app to mHealthBelgium:

  • Visibility towards patients and care providers, who get the insurance that the app they use or prescribe fulfills to major governmental / legal requirement. This is a huge differentiator with what can be found on other platforms.
  • A professional risk assessment.
  • An ease to go through Governmental requirements (and requested levels).
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