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The Syndo application is meant for heart failure and post-infarctus patients who were treated or hospitalized for an acute event. This event has changed your life completely. At the hospital, they gave you a lot of information, but now you’re left with so many questions.This is Syndo’s solution to help you enjoy life again:- Tracking with 3 high quality devices: We provide you with a weight scale, a blood pressure meter and a physical activity tracker. So there’s no need to be stressed anymore.- The Syndo app tells you what pills to take at what time. Your cardiologist has encoded your personal medication in the app. The impact of your treatment will be maximised and you will decrease the risk of ending up in hospital. Next to this, you will receive short and useful tips on topics such as diet, exercises, stress reduction and how to recognise your symptoms, validated by international experts.- Assistance by your personal coach: A coach will regularly contact you to answer your questions and to support you in changing the necessary behaviours.To know more, talk to your cardiologist or contact us on or info@syndo.beHelp is just a heartbeat away!


  • Heart / Blood Vessels



  • Health Tracking

Additional informations

  • App only available through prescription
  • The data is stored in EU only
  • Complaint handling system:

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