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moveUP provides a service to be able to offer the optimal rehabilitation for hip and knee patients, both before and after surgery.

As a patient, you are monitored during the full rehabilitation journey by a team of specialised physical therapists, who at each moment are in contact with your treating surgeon and hospital.

The personalised treatment service is offered through an App on tablet or smartphone and provides individualised exercises, activity advice, medication, information and coaching.
As a patient, you can ask questions at any moment through a build in messaging function, also during the weekend.

The individualisation of the treatment is based on your progress through the rehabilitation. For this, the health care team uses your feedback as well as a smart band that captures your individual activity profile.

At each moment of this pre and post-surgery journey, your treating surgeon has insight in your rehabilitation to be able to treat you in the most optimal way.

moveUP is registered and certified as a medical device (CE).


  • Rehabilitation



  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Automated Guidance
  • Data Sharing
  • Goal Setting & Gamification
  • Health Tracking
  • Personal Health Record
  • Remote Clinical Monitoring
  • Treatment Support

Additional informations

  • App only available through prescription
  • The data is stored in EU only
  • Complaint handling system: - 080088008
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