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AirView™ - enabling efficient and secure access to your patients’ therapy, anywhere at any time.

AirView is ResMed’s secure, cloud-based, patient screening, diagnosis and therapy management solution for both sleep and respiratory patients. It allows timely remote access to home sleep tests as well as to sleep and respiratory care therapy and device information. You can securely share information and collaborate to help optimise patient therapy outcomes.

Therapy management
AirView connects to sleep and respiratory care devices, allowing you to manage patients on different treatments. Device and therapy information is received and displayed in easy-to-read reports and dashboards.
Daily, automatic data transmission
ResMed sleep and respiratory care devices with wireless connectivity transmit patients’ device and therapy statistics to AirView, just one hour after the therapy session has ended. This allows you to monitor and, where required, update your patients’ device settings quickly and remotely. If a patient has no wireless module or you require detailed data reports, you can download data from the SD card.
Enhanced patient management capabilities
With Action Groups, you can assess your patient population and filter them into actionable groups. Each group is based on specific criteria (e.g. therapy, usage issues) depending on the therapy phase (e.g. initial or ongoing). Once you have actioned any patient issues (called the patient, adjusted settings, etc.), you can remove the patient from the group. These rule-based filters allow you to prioritise and manage more patients.


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  • The data is stored in EU only
  • ISO 13485 certified
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