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General description

Main purpose

The application allows a detailed follow up of the patient at any moment of his disease cycle. The embedded functionalities allow the healthcare team to have an instant and detailed view of the patients’ daily health situation. The functionalities consist of several integrated modules including a validated and quality of live questionnaires module with PREM/PROM outcomes, a patients’ vital and viral parameter module measuring outcome via medical device connectivity, a medication follow-up module for particular analgesics with validated outcome parameters and a patient information/education module. The modules can be activated separately.

Well@Home allows interoperability with third party applications for several indications/pathologies.

Target audience

Patients & Healthcare professionals (HCP)


The main purpose of the system is to obtain more and detailed data of the patient which allows the HCP to make a more accurate diagnosis. All the data, whether acquired from telemonitoring, from validated/lifestyle questionnaire, patient education, integrated carepaths, etc., is presented in an easy-to-use interface (screen) to the HCP. It can also be derived as raw data information or as processed data, allowing analysis and obtaining improved insight in the health situation of the patient.

Connectivity to sensors and platforms

Well@Home allows Bluetooth communication with several medical devices, including medical-grade wireless blood pressure device, weight scale, pulse-oximeter, activity tracker, sleep monitor, etc…


Cancer Pain Sleep Treatment adherence


Alerts & Notifications Automated Guidance Diagnostics Goal Setting & Gamification Health Tracking Personal Health Record Remote Clinical Monitoring Treatment Support



Additional info

Reference publication

The Well@Home system has been used by over 25.000 patients who are inrolled via the hospital setting. The platform has also been used for clinical trials and scientific research. Well@Home has been the subject of two dedicated clinical trials, showing beneficial evidence-base results on the use of the Well@Home platform for tracking patients and improving their health and quality of life. In one of the publications the research has shown that the platform can post-surgery significantly impact the decreased use of opioids and generate a quicker recovery period in patient with pectus excavatum (Wildemeersch et al, 2018, https://periop.jmir.org/2018/2/e10996).

User instructions

The system is prescription driven, meaning the physician is in the lead for applying the application and using it for his patients. The application can be accessed on his PC/laptop/tablet as a dashboard using the webbrowser. For the patient an online mobile application is available, allowing to enter data at any place and any time. The patient receives a specific code, ensuring patient data privacy.

The instruction manual is online available within the platform itself.

Components of the application

Native appWeb application

Self declaration

GDPR CompliantThe app is only available through prescriptionThe data is stored in EU only

ISO Standards

ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices (on company level)

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