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Plibo does follow-up and coaching for chronic patients. Next to following-up the patients daily measurements (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, physical activity), Plibo helps patients to better manage their chronic condition: better medication adherence, adapted nutrition, right physical activity, reduction of stress, ...

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General description
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General description

Main purpose

The main purpose of the application is to help patients follow-up the advice of their doctor: take medication strictly, adapted nutrition, right physical activity, reduce stress, ... In order to do this, Plibo also follows up on the weight, blood pressure, heart rate and physical activity of the patient.

Target audience

The target audience of the Plibo app are people with one or multiple chronic conditions. Currently Plibo supports heartfailure, post-infarctus, hypertension and overweight.


Users get access to the Plibo application:
- Scientific background on your pathology and medication (e.g. symptom recognition, side effects, ...)
- Daily concrete tips & advice, recommended by cardiologists to deal with your pathology (e.g. recipes for heart patients)
- Medication reminders
- Tracking of vital sign measurements (weight, blood pressure, heart rate, activity)

Patients receive personal coaching towards a healthy lifestyle

Connectivity to sensors and platforms

If the patient doesn't want to enter his measurements manually, he/she has the option to take the Plibo connected devices: a bluetooth connected weight scale, blood pressure meter and activity tracker. These devices sync automatically with the Plibo application.

Financing and pricing model

Plibo offers are available as from 10€ per month.


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Additional info

Compliance to M1 criteria

CE certification

Download document Granted by Selfdeclaration Assessed and certified meeting the requirements of:
Medical Device Directive: MDD 93/42/EEC (old regulation) Medical Device Regulation: MDR 2017/745 (new regulation)
Certificate granted on 21/01/2019 Certificate valid till 25/05/2024 Class type of medical device (More info): 1
ISO Standards:
ISO 13485 Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices (on company level) ISO 14155 Clinical Investigations of Medical Devices in Human Subjects ISO 14971 Risk Management of Medical Devices ISO 27000 series: Information Security Management Systems ISO 62304 Medical Device Software Lifecycle Processes ISO 62366 Application of Usability Engineering to Medical Devices

FAMHP registration and notification

Company registration number at FAMHP: 71777 Product identification code at FAMHP: 71777

General Data Protection Regulation (More info)

Company declares explicitly to be compliant with GDPR rules Company declares that the data are stored in EU only

Reference publication

Nicolas Guggenbuhl, Dietist
Union belges des diététiciens francophones
Edward Huizenga, Professor of Marketing and behavior economist
Nathalie Dumont, Pharmacist
Bjorn Prins, Psychologist, Doctoral Researcher University Ghent
Eric Van Vooren
Alexis Gilet, Kiné, Erasme

User instructions

The user instructions can be found on our website:

Components of the application

Native appWeb applicationWearable / SensorClient-server

Complaints handling

Via e-mail: info@plibo.beVia telephone: +32486762160


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